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Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

Express your sentiments with a gift or beautify your home with one of our exquisite Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant. Our orchid plants are staged in a variety of modern and stylish containers fit for any home. Every plant is carefully selected and processed with care, picked at its prime to ensure a blooming period guaranteed to last for up to a month. Our Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants can be ordered as a single stem or multi stem which is designed by one of our professional designers and further enhanced with elements such as green moss, succulents, moss balls, bamboo, curly willow and more.

Indoor Plants

Gift or create a soothing environment with our green indoor plants. Each plant is cared for to ensure a vibrant and healthy looking plant. Carefully planted in our variety of modern and stylish containers fit for any existing home décor. Plants in indoor spaces are know for their ability to boost productivity, relieve anxiety, improve mental health and rejuvenate the body amongst other things. Purify the air in your home while remaining modern and stylish with one of our indoor plants today.

Indoor Plants

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