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  • What is the booking process?
    We operate completely online . This means that all transactions are done electronically. Our online consultation form collects detailed information which allows us to construct a statement of work and quote for our clients inquiring about our service. With technology on the rise and time being of the essence; this allows us the flexibility to cater to clients all around the world.
  • Can we schedule an in person consultation?
    Yes. Clients can schedule an in person consultation. A $25.00 non refundable fee does apply. We meet our clients at their location of choice as we provide our services to multiple location within the USA and beyond.
  • Can I still inquire about event decor for a date that has been closed?
    Yes. We use our discretion in terms of booking events on a closed date. Certain factors we take into consideration are labor entensity, delivery locations as well as time of event booking. All events booked within a month of service are subject to a rush fee.
  • Can I pick my flowers?
    Though we try and accomodate our clients to the best of our ability. We do try and provide blooms that are of our clients interest. Flowers are a perishable and conditions such as weathers, deceases and transportation can affect their availability. Pricing is also a major factor when considering selecting certain flowers. For example; a garden rose has a higher price tag than a standard rose. We guarantee a color selection but we can't promise a floral selection as we work with flowers according to their season and availability. Keep in mind selecting flowers can impact your floral budget.
  • Why are flowers so expensive?
    There is much more than just putting flowers in a vase. A series of steps is required in order to provide client with a healthy bloom but also a bloom in its prime condition. Things to take into consideration when pricing are the following 1: Shipping cost and availability can affect pricing. Anything with a higher shipping rate is subject to a higher price tag. 2. In order to hydrate/process flowers we require the use of a series of hydrating chemicals and preserving agents. Hydration locking misting sprays are also used on those beautiful bouquets we create, to lock in mosture that is require for them to survive out of water. 3.Hard good elements like oasis, tape, wire and the tools necessary to construct centerpieces also affect the pricing. For example; Oasis is used in place of a water source. This provide flowers the much needed hydration needed to survive. Though green foam ( Oasis) can be purchase at a reasonable cost at your local craft store. Florist which specialize in creating work on a much larger scale use a different grade of oasis. This grade is much less suseptable to brakage as its made to keep its structure as well as retain mouisture within a long period of time. 4.Staff- In order to provide clients with the high demand of items we create in a event saeson. A workforce team is needed. These individuals each specialized in certain areas which makes us able to provide the quality work we offer as well as the attention to detail needed to perfect an event. 5. Flowers that are trending also come with a higher price tag. peonies, garden roses and airplants to name a few.
  • Isn't a greenery (only) option much more affordable?
    Contrary to beliefe, greenery only items do not necessarily mean a lower price tag. Companies like Rosado Events which specialize in high end design work wth products that most local florist don't necessarily use or provide. When compared to items created with flowers there is a significant differrence in price but not when compared on a larger scale. For example; Tall centerpieces, arches. arbors, etc.
  • Why is there a set up, delivery and dismantle charge?"
    Delivery, set up and dismantle are the steps that come after the design process. In order to put together and event, delivery drivers and vehicles are required, set up crew needs to be in place and dismantle crew is needed for the aftermath of the event.
  • Do you provide services for destination weddings?
    Yes, we do provide our services to locations world wide.


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