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Our Process:

At Rosado Events and Design we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional experience tailored to each and every one of our clients. Our process starts with our digital or in person consultations. Via this process all details are gathered which will allow us to craft your wedding or special event according to your specific wants and needs. All our weddings and special events are customized to reflect not only your visions or ideas but your perfect dream wedding or event.

In a world of busy schedules we know the importance and value of time.

To the visual folks fray knot;  we have meticulously altered our Statement of Work to every fine detail. Times, location, proposed design descriptions are crucial elements in creating a sensible and easy to follow statement of work. Each statement of work includes a customized vision board specific to our clients event décor to facilitate and create a stress free process.

Along with the statement of work we attach a detailed itemized quote. We do not total the cost due until final bridal party and table counts are submitted. Final counts are gathered one month to two months before the wedding date. Once we have finalized the counts we will total cost per item as well as subtractions of event deposits, addition of delivery, set up and dismantle as well as tax and any additional fees.

(The process of final counts does not apply to clients in search of bridal party accessories items only)

Technology is on the rise and we must follow.

All our transactions are done electronically. Our billing systems allows our clients to take control of payments as well as their billing information. No credit card information is kept on file for safety purposes. Invoices are issued and paid via text message or e mail. We accept all major credit cards. We accept checks.

Along with your invoice a contract will be attached. This will require a signature before moving forward with payment. Contract signature can be submitted via touch screen with any smart phone or tablet..

Just sign with your finger or smart pen and submit.

Convenience at its best!

How much is the booking fee?

Our booking is based on percentage, though at times we do use our discretion. Booking fees range from $150 and up for bridal party accessories (only) or $300.00 and up for weddings or special events which require full service.

For example a wedding that requires ceremony and reception services or a wedding which has booked for ceremony or reception.

We are not bill collectors!

Our payment deadlines for special events is one month before our scheduled date of service. Though we suggest 30 days advance payment, two weeks before  your scheduled event is acceptable. We will discuss details of payment and its form on our follow up date of final counts, usually two months to one month before the scheduled event date.

(Please refer to The Rosado Events Contract, section 2.19 for refund policy).

I booked Rosado Events for my wedding/event what is next?

Once you have booked, your date will be reserved. Next we will coordinate a sample viewing at your venue of choice. This usually takes place at your final venue walk through. Samples are provided according to the selected propose centerpieces listed on the statement of work. Clients will choose their desired centerpieces according to their budget type and we will provide that specific sample centerpiece. Please note that any and all additional samples will be billed at full price. Additional centerpiece charge will be added to final invoice under additional sample centerpiece fee. This means any additional centerpiece besides the selected centerpieces. Samples provided are of centerpiece only.

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